Lost Stories

Work in progress: Leprosy on Sheldrake Island, New Brunswick


Work in progress for the story Leprosy on Sheldrake Island, New Brunswick.

Above, meeting of the Sheldrake Commemorative Committee at the Community Hall in Bartibog Bridge, NB, to discuss the project to be installed in New Brunswick in September 2017. Photo by Julien Cadieux, 2017.

Press release : The story of Sheldrake Island and of those who remain buried there will not be forgotten

A commemorative ceremony will take place Wednesday, July 19 from 2 to 4 pm at Église St Jean Baptiste et St Joseph in Tracadie to remember the tragic event that befell New Brunswick during the 19th century.

On July 19, 1844, the first group of people suffering from leprosy were taken willingly or not to Sheldrake Island. After five long years of suffering and exile, the New Brunswick government deemed it then necessary to build a lazaretto in Tracadie. The time has now come to remember the 32 people who were sequestered on Sheldrake Island, the 14 people who were transferred to the lazaretto in Tracadie as well as the 15 unfortunate who were buried on Sheldrake Island.

In addition to a presentation on the origin of leprosy and its occurrence in New Brunswick, you will also be made aware of the conditions under which these people were made to live through a presentation of songs, poems, and a narration during which actors will represent those stricken with this disease.

Following the ceremony, you will be invited to the unveiling of a commemorative plaque placed in the cemetery where people suffering from leprosy were buried in Tracadie. Thus, we will remember the pain and distress, as well as the great courage and determination of the first Acadian families that settled in the North-Eastern part of our province.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the unveiling of the work of art created by Marika Drolet-Ferguson in conjunction with the project Lost Stories, a Canada 150 Signature Event, will take place at a later date.

Welcome to all!

For more information, please contact:

Paulette Robichaud: 506-395-6180

Sheldrake Commemorative Committee